GOODBYE and say HI (poem)

love like in the sky

One day
I wonder why,
that I cry
I stop with a genuine shy

But one more day
I say Hi,
that’s made you shy,
you stop and sigh
while coming with watery and diluted eye
looking with my teary eye
while wiping it’s tear in your eye

I look at your beautiful eye
while telling me why,
A moment we smile
but totally we sight

So we cry
in the surrounding’s aisle
breathing so high
in a dazzling sky.

Stars are falling down from sky
we laugh that we cry
and looking with our eyes
with a haltingly shy.
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the light in the sky
thought us to fly
and that’s how it fly
need someone to hold arms to fly
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I love you high
more as airplane fly
images (3)
that’s how PAIN say GOODBYE
and LOVE say HI
and let us say





The Response for him (forgiveness to forevermore)

Dear Boy, (as much I can)

Hello Boy !!!!! can you gave me a smile? A smile that you give me before that makes my rosiness chicks ooopss the truth is made my heart beating around the bush..hehehehe don’t cry my boy just smile as what I smile with you.


Even though how pain it is , to see you again before with a lady instead of me and looking both of you seems that you’re very happy. I never thought it wasn’t a happiness as I give you before.


I can’t imagine how strong I am to have you again, so I think deeply. You know because I’m afraid to have you again with too much pain. As I remember that I give a first chance with you because I just heard that a lady is pregnant. That time was like I think it’s ok to forgive you because the girl didn’t come and showed up after that and I know there’s another chance to trust with you. Those happiness that we had after that, I really thought that it will last but it just a stranger dreams that we had, yes I love you even though you had a baby already, I accept everything because I LOVE YOU. Suddenly you just fade away like nothing had happen. I cry, howling like a dog and a lot of problems that I had but where were you the time I really need you???? Why should I feel like this?????When suddenly I almost forget you, why everything came back? I thought when you showed up is that you will hug me and say I miss you but what I see is the woman beside you again with a short hair and with the angel inside the womb. Explain to me why ????? All I want is to stop this feelings anymore……..


You know how pain it is? Please tell me what to do? I looks like a rose that can’t be a happy as the other flower had because there’s always have a thorns piercing this lovely heart. And now you’re here to ask my forgiveness again for what ? another pierced,, but why you are always in mind? You are always there smiling in my dreams…???

You know what’s in my mind? I always think what the others say to me if I’ll have you again even though you had already a family and get marry soon. I thank that you’re gone again, so I almost leave the relationship that we had before but now you’re coming back again.!!!!

…But honestly I want you and need you and I don’t know why? So please let me think for a while,,,,hahahaha a while only 🙂 😛

2 months later and more!!!!!

Honestly we are engage already,,, because I know the reason why we had that memories before.

WE’RE JUST MEANT TO BE 🙂 I just believe true love came when true pain comes 🙂


I know everything happened because it has a reason. Thank you for giving me those hurt aches because it proves you how much I LOVE YOU and made me strong and stronger. But please don’t leave me again 🙂 (when your gone)

I LOVE YOU AND I DO because I KNOW we deserve to be two as one. I know you won’t do it again because we show already how much we love each other now :):):)




THE MESSAGE to her (chances to forevermore)

Dear Girl,

(play this song when you read my letter)

images (1) ( I may give reason for you to scroll lock your heart before and give me a pause for a while and think of it, I give you space to think and give me a chance and insert me into your life and I will make your home happy for every page of your levy troops in your life).

Hi my wonderful lady and everything to me, I’m your boy who always hurt you because that’s how I really love you but would you please give me a chance to be with you forever. I may not perfect and even good with you before and I’ll promise even though promises made to be broken, I’ll be now a better and even best than you’ve had before. This not just as word you’ve heard but this is the action that made you worth and deserving for.

Even how pain I made before you still there in my heart and you also made me better and even best as I am now. I want you in my life not just want and also need. I want and need you because I know that you’re the one. I’ll promise I’ll be the man who you want, need and love for the life you’ve had. Not just a promise, just give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you how important you are in my life and even how I love you so much.

I have hurt you so much before and please let me prove it to you now. I’ll do what you want as long as you will give me a chance. (kneel and ask forgiveness)
As you forgive me I hope you will say this lovely word ” I DO”. (kneel and say: WILL YOU MARRY ME?)


(this i promise you)
I may not sure what’s your answer is, but whatever it is I’ll accept because it is from your heart and I know you’re happy with that, and I want you to be happy and that’s made me happy too. I’ll accept everything from you because I LOVE YOU.

I don’t have megabucks of wealth, I don’t have eminent and brilliant stone or treasures and I don’t have a royal house or palace but I HAVE YOUR HEART AS MY WEALTH, EMINENT/BRILLIANT TREASURE AND A PALACE THAT MADE ME KING AS THE SENTINEL OF YOUR HEART.


woman reply……to be continued to the next title……..

what do you think it easy to give response or reply this letter to a man whose the one made me cry for a thousand year. Hmmmppp,,,


Why Pain is always a partner of Love?

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          When I was born as human as you are. Hmmmpp! wait!! human? maybe monkey hahaha just kidding !!! Yes !! when I was born god give me all parts in me. Am I right HEART is one of the parts of the body? Never mind as long as I have HEART used to LOVE and to feel PAINwebcam-toy-photo6

            Oooppss!!! do we need to feel pain in our heart? This word such an atrocious and even dreadful word (PAIN), I really hate this and to tell the truth I adore it (LOVE) when I also feel it. Hahahaha such a delirious thing right?


JUST BECAUSE : (inconformity with others)

Same as human and monkey their mean to be. haahah  😀 like me and my fiance, a moment that he almost married to another beautiful lady but look they’re not meant to each other because I’m here that meant to him. Ooops just remind hehe I’m not the girl whose stealing a man’s heart to the other girl haha I’m just the girl who is really meant for him.

” Because they are meant to be ”                                                                                                                                             __qqe- Yohen

We loved, we may part of it and equals to pain.

” Pain means I love him ”                                                                                                                                                    __intern- Annee

Because if you love someone, you expect something in return and if you didn’t meet your expectation that is the time you hurt. As she quoted that:

” Too much expectation can cause heartaches ”                                                                                                                                              __A-In

” Pain is always a partner of love. Because if you love that person too much and something make you feel bad, or if that person does something wrong to you. it’s very hurt.. and painful.. because you care that person too much, even small thing can make you feel upset!
Because you too care that person. So if you have any arguments or any fight, it’s always painful. That’s why pain is always a partner of love ”                                                                                                                                       __Eddie

Through experience made us learn and love.

” You can’t tell that it is love until you experience what is pain ”                                                                                                                                          __qqe- Sissel

Because they’re interconnected. To put it in a concrete example: You can never say something is clean unless you see something else is dirty. Same with love and pain, you can totally enjoy the feeling of being loved once you have mastered the heartaches and pain and vice versa.

” You cannot feel the presence of love with the absence of pain ”                                                                                                                                              __qqe- Chains

” Because you feel love and to love is to be hurt ”                                                                                                                                                     __qqe- Elendil

What a playful thing like (you loves me not and I loves you not) called to love and pain.

” Loving is playful = pain”                                                                                                                                               __qqe- Saab

That can be made so smooth and easy for everything.

” Love really is a drug that can ease the pain.”                                                                                                                                                  __qqe- Raj

A blood that runs to everybody. That everybody had the heart to love and to be in pain.

” They are always a thin line between Love and Pain ”                                                                                                                                            __qqe- Zenobia

” Because we have HEART ”                                                                                                                                             __Kaji                

I was hurt before I had my fiancee now. When you’re hurt or you felt pain it means it’s true love.

” Love without pain is unreal and because of pain, you learned how to LOVE ”                                                                                                                            __qqe- Reverie

The amount that you have gained when your endeavor with striving hard.

” PAIN IS ALWAYS A PARTNER OF LOVE because if there’s no pain no love and if there’s no love no pain…. very simple that means If you don’t feel PAIN you’ll never know how much you LOVE……..”                                                                                                                                                                                                  __qqe- Alomera

I was being hurt with my fiance before and he was being hurt by me too but look this our proof that our relationship is getting stronger as stronger as forever means.

”  Pain will attest the real meaning of love. And through this, you can really prove how strong is your relationship ”                                                                                                                                                                                                   __qqe- Cassidy

” Pain is a manifestation or harbinger of love in a way that you feel ecstatic to someone you loved, however romantically doting to somebody else while your left unloved ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  __qqe- Aphrodite

” Pain is part of life it makes us human; it shapes us the same as love and laughter”                                                                                __qqe- Adagio

” like JESUS,,,
He loves us .. that’s why He was nailed to the cross and took our place because of His great love for us ❤ ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    __qqe- Sicily

I’ve learned in LIFE that LOVE takes efforts and needs acceptance and journey of love is not always a happy ride.

“Where there is love, there is pain.” ~.

It feels painful and you often cry. You become sad because you feel that your partner ignores you and worst putting your relationship into a major decision of BREAKING UP.

Often times the only way to know more about love is to feel what love is not, and remember that healing from hurts moves us closer to love and acceptance. So, LOVE IS PAIN and PAIN IS LOVE.                                                            __qqe- Charyl

As what I’ve experienced now is not means I completely understand why pain is always a partner of love because the experience that I had is not yet done hahaha even though that everyone before when I had (loves us against the world) but look it makes it last. Listen to this if you want to hear hehe ( )make it last

I and he is the partner of understanding each other. Partners are the one who understands each other’s HEART.

” Love would always find ways to understand pain. And also Pain would always find ways to understand love. “

” LOVE is the most beautiful thing to have, hardest thing to earn and most PAINFUL thing to lose”

He is my partner, I am his partner and we are always partner because we love and hurt each other.



Just like a sentence without subject and predicate it isn’t a sentence. Without me and without him it isn’t a family. Without PAIN AND LOVE, it isn’t a HUMAN WITH THE HEART.                                                                                                                                                                                                                _______MARY GRACE


“FEEL FREE TO BE HURT AND BE LOVED”webcam-toy-photo7





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